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Master's Call coming to Noise Destruction Fest 2023

Master's Call will join the weekender of punk/crust/metal/death/black/doom metal in Birmingham this Easter!


Angry Itch - Punk Complete Dysfunction - Punk Fractured Silence - Punk Underskin - Punk 1000 scars - Thrash/Hardcore Rich Gulag - Punk


Cress - Punk Anti-System - Punk Radioactive Rats - Hardcore Punk Fatal Dose - Punk DSA - Punk


Memoriam - OS Death Metal Fractured Insanity - Death Metal As The World Dies - Progressive Death Metal Master's Call - Blackened Death Metal Deathfiend - Blackened Death/Doom Rotunda - Punk


Pemphigoid - Death Metal Voidlurker - Stoner / Sludge Master Charger - Doom Metal Meathook - Punk Dog Mess - Punk


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